Go Live. 

Simple & Fast.

The simplicity of implementation allows for a faster go-live and enables organizations to start benefiting from Odoo's features

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Start Small,
Grow Steadily.

We encourage our customers to start at their very core process, before moving on to a bigger scale of operation.

Get the team to engage with Odoo's simplicity in order to optimize its usage.

Arkana Sprint Methodology

Kick off

This is the beginning.

Get your team ready for the thrill ahead!


Get to know The System. 

We will help you to be familiar with the Odoo Business Process and find a way to make it fit into your demand

The objective is to bridge your business process and Odoo Business Process. Help you to create your own database, prepare the modules, create user roles and permission, and setting up workflows.

It's time to bridge The People with The System.

Now, we will help you to fully understand your own ERP. Get your team ready! 


It's hands-on time!

Let's go through the business process. Experience it first hand and make sure it fits your needs.

Data Migration

Now that The System & The People are set, we'll start to work on MasterData related to your operations (and older data, should you choose a full migration).

Go Live

Congratulations! your ERP is ready for you.

There's a whole new chapter ahead, cheers!

& Support

Don't worry, we won't left you just now!

We'll help your team (The People) to get used to The System in a real time usage.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Sprint Phase 1

These package fulfill the essential objevtive of using ERP:
1. Track orders
2. Track inventory movement
3. Generate Financial reports

Sprint Phase 2

Sometimes we cant simplify the business process. Thus Arkana will help to fulfill your specific business needs despite using odoo’s default business processes

Project Based

In many cases, The system needs to adjust to your specific needs. Our team of consultants and programmers will be ready to help you find the most suitable ERP setup for your business

Why Arkana

  • Certified with the latest Odoo version and older version
  • Our team consist of more than 50 professionals
  • More than 10 years experiences in Odoo
  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority

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