Odoo Maintenance & Support Service  

Make sure your business operations run smoothly with smooth reports without a hitch. Avoid wasting time redoing work because of constraints on your Odoo.

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Challenges in Running Odoo

Access rights constraints​

A change in the structure of the organization can cause a discrepancy between user access rights and the tasks they need to do in their new position.

Failed to import/export data

Import data can be very devastating if you don't have the knowledge of how to do it. More data to be imported need special treatment out of ordinary way.

Human error

Human errors in ERP usage can cause problems such as data input errors, inaccurate reports, or module configuration issues.

ERP performance decrease

As the amount of data or operational complexity increases may cause performance degradation affecting response time or data processing.

Irrelevance existing features

Changes in business processes will have an impact on the irrelevance of features or flows in the existing system. So system adjustments are crucial to maintain its function and effectiveness


Like any other software, ERP is also subject to bugs or system errors. This can include problems with displaying the user interface, errors while processing transactions, or interruptions in the functionality of certain modules.

Why Arkana Support

Business Continuity

Support package is your safeguard, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Should blocker(s) arise, you've got experts on hand to minimize disruptions.

Reliable Partner

In many cases, you need a reliable assist score. Our team is committed to assist you with day-to-day operations that would help you to optimize your process.


Your business grows and evolves, your ERP system will need to adapt. A support package can assist in tailoring the system to your changing needs, ensuring it continues to deliver optimal performance and value.

Scope of Our Service

Functional Support Session

  • We will help you with day-to-day ERP functionality questions 

  • Our team will guide you through our ticketing system to ensure the desired output

Bug Fixing

  • By purchasing Arkana Support-package, you can have a pro-longed bug-fixing period

  • Should something happened with your customized ERP, our team will help you to find the problem find a suitable solution

Data Import & Migration

  • If you use more than one system to support your business processes, you may need to migrate data from another system to Odoo.

  • Arkana support team can help you to ensure the process of data migration from other systems to Odoo can run smoothly and quickly.

Minor Development & Adjustment

  • Should you need adjustment to your current system, Arkana Support team might should be able to handle the request (With MH Purchase) 

  • Within scope: Field addition, Report development, etc.

Monthly Closing Period Assistance

  • We know how important it is to close your monthly financial period as fast as possible.

  • It involves collating, reviewing, and reconciling all financial transactions for the month, which can be a lengthy and complex process 

  • Our support team will help you speed-up the process and help you to close your monthly financial period as fast as possible

Your Suppport Roadmap

1. System Audit

If Arkana was not the one who assist you with the implementation process, we will examine your ERP focusing on the architecture, custom modules. review related documentation, and run basic functional and performance tests.

2. Output settings

We need to understand your expectation. Therefore our support team will try to reach you and your team for further discussion on your output priorities.

3. Maintenance Proposal

Based on the last sections, our team will map out the scope of required services and formulate the objectives and requirements.

4. Project Handover

Supposedly we have an agreement on the terms of support, our team will guide you through the support-deployment initial phase & initiate communication with stake holders from your side.

5. Beginning of support

Following the handover, we will run issue analysis and bug fixes, on-demand and scheduled maintenance activities, and submit regular status reports.

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