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Hospi Niaga Utama, PT Health/Social
PT Hospi Niaga Utama was established in 2011. The company is engaged in the healthcare product distributor. We implemented full ERP modules including Accounting, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Invoicing, Project, Inventory, Manufacturing.
Indopasifik Teknologi Medika Indonesia, PT Health/Social
Indopasifik Teknologi Medika Indonesia (ITMI) is a health technology company that is trying to revolutionize the health industry by reaching customers through digital products. One of ITMI's products is Jovee, which is a personal health assistant application for its users by analyzing the condition and lifestyle of its users.
Manggala Megah Indonesia, PT Health/Social
PT Manggala Megah Indonesia is a manufacturing company that manufactures antiseptic and disinfectant products for health. Our commitment is to maintain quality without compromise.
Solusi Sarana Sehat, PT Health/Social
Farmaku.com adalah website apotek online penyedia obat-obatan baik ethical maupun OTC, produk perawatan kesehatan dan produk kecantikan. Tujuan Farmaku adalah memberikan kemudahan bagi pelanggan untuk mendapatkan produk kualitas dengan harga bersaing serta kenyamanan dalam pengiriman langsung ke rumah pelanggan.